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Top 10 Adventure Activities To Do In Iceland

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“The stunning vistas of snowy Iceland are nature’s masterpiece, where something is yet to be uncovered.”

With this sentence, we will start our journey with exciting adventure activities in Iceland, chasing the lights of the untamed snowy wilderness and seeking an adventurous thrill.

Home to awe-inspiring landscapes and natural wonders, it is no surprise that Iceland incorporates plentiful offerings for the adventure traveler. Let’s start planning your dream trip today!

Is Iceland Good for Adventure?

From the first settlers surviving against bitter winters and rugged landscapes to the Viking age of exploration, Iceland has a long history of adventure. Icelander Leif Erikson took the risk of life and sailed to North America before Columbus to keep this adventurous spirit alive today!

Iceland is a beautiful place that is suitable for adventure activities. Embrace the courageous spirit of the island that reverts a surge of adrenaline fueling you.

A 9-day Iceland itinerary is suggested to check out everything in the place. From midnight sun to snow-covered cities, volcanoes, hot springs, erupting geysers, and Iceland’s hidden people, the place invites wanderers to explore the island with open eyes and exciting things to do in Iceland.

What are the Adventurous to do in Iceland?

Adventure travel in Iceland is worth it. Here is a list of some adventurous activities that should not be missed. Include these activities in your 5-day itinerary and enjoy them from day 1.

Hike Against the Mountainside and View Geological Embellishments

With hundreds of snow-covered mountains and remote areas, Iceland offers a variety of places to make your hiking spirit fruitful by locating the best of the country’s wilderness.

If you are a hardcore adventurous freak, try hiking at Gullfoss waterfall in September as you battle the slippery strike in the unending rain.

Hike the steep mountainside and safely explore the first spew of lava falling from an erupting volcano.

Visualizing such instances would be the best adventure geology activities on your to-do list in a country called “The Land of Fire and Ice,” relishing unique experiences in Iceland.

Horseback Riding Tours in Iceland

The Icelandic horse is the most unseen four-legged inhabitant – a unique breed recognized by its diminutive stature, five giants, short legs, muscular build, and resistance to harsh natural elements.

By choosing a horse-riding tour, most travelers pre-arrange a four-hour tried-and-tested method of visualizing the scenic beauty of Icelandic nature.

Explore the rolling Icelandic countryside on a Viking steed of Reykjavík; make it a perfect tour if you’re looking for a relaxing ride.

Certified and knowledgeable instructors lead these riding tours from Reykjavik and South Iceland for travelers.

Climbing the Unreached Mountains

Rescue yourself from the harshness of your monotonous lifestyle and accumulate something different.

With an abundance of climbing options in Iceland, you will not feel any shortage of trails. One of the popular choices is Landmannalaugar.

Accumulating diversified landscapes and colorful hills, you can explore other missing destinations. It bestows a surreal and majestic backdrop and is worth checking out for exciting things to do in Iceland.

You can also enjoy the sea-side ice climbing in the west fjorðs, where the northern lights play overhead.

Nevertheless, never attempt to miss the sunny sport of climbing on a historical sea cliff; there is a little bit for everyone.

Kayaking – A Recreational Boating Activity

Jerk yourself to participate in the best activities to do in Iceland, like paddle sport, and propel yourself in the single-bladed vessel under your power. These are primarily meant for hunting and fishing and later for scouting and transport.

Freestyle kayaking with paddlers has become famous in the country. Visitors can achieve greater speeds, control the vessel prominently, make sharper turns, and experience an overall betterment of glacier rafting.

Participate in Rowing on a Kneeled Canoe

There are many thrilling activities to do in Iceland, including canoeing on kneeling paddlers and boating activities occurring on water bodies.

With over 269 named glaciers, canoeing has become one of the sought-after tourist activities partaking in Iceland these days. You may only get apprehension and nervousness while choosing such things to do in Iceland.

Getting that experience of canoeing across Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and rowing amongst the icebergs when a friendly seal greets you is something you can witness in the panoramic beauty of nature in all its prime.

Mountaineering to Achieve the Giant Peaks

They say walking is just the way to explore new things to do in Iceland, but what about conquering the bold mountain peaks?

You should opt for a few spots as vivid as Iceland via mountaineering.

The presence of numerous volcanoes and icebergs celebrates the unique touch to your mountaineering expedition in places like Hvannadalshnúkur. It is one of the highest ascents in Iceland and scary, too.

You have to cross the famous glaciers of Iceland in a four-hour tour. The peak location is the Northwestern Rim of the summit crater of the Öræfajökull volcano.

Snowmobiling in Iceland

The white snow covering the entire country landscape should be utilized optimally by doing some events like snowmobiling – one of the fun activities in Iceland. Relax, the task is very interesting and easy to maneuver.

Allow yourself to cross the snowy landscapes and glaciers through snowmobiling on a bike in an adrenaline-pumping way. Most snowmobiling tours are operational at the top of the glaciers, and it is one of the best winter activities in Iceland.

In addition to the action on the snowmobile, snowmobilers can view the surface areas and the surrounding area by traveling on a snowmobile.

Note: You must be 18 or above to get the license for the vehicle or hold an international driver’s license to access it.

Dog Sledding in Iceland

Dog sledding is one of the best kid-friendly activities to do in Iceland; even 2-year-olds enjoy this ride.

It’s a 30-minute ride around Reykjavik; you need to stay a night in Reykjavik to join this ride. If you are a true dog lover, you can fuss over the cute and fun dogs and spend time with them while traveling in a beautiful landscape.

Remember, the activity is good only during summers, as it is done on glaciers; the activity remains suspended in winter due to heavy snowfall. So, come and howl with them on a 90-minute sledding trail.

Participate Underwater for Scuba Diving

Another exciting thing to do in Iceland is dive into the world of underwater adventure! Instead of collecting bubbles, promote your diving skills at the Silfra fissure in Þingvellir National Park, renowned as Iceland’s only UNESCO World Heritage site.

Divers would relish the site as they can test their skills through the drifts of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates that remain cold all year round.

The temperature remains between 39°F and 25°F, but trust us, it never freezes you, thanks to a gentle underlying current in the fissure.

Discover the Snaefellsnes Peninsula Tour in Iceland

Explore the fire and ice mystical peninsula with extreme adventures in Iceland, often called “Iceland in Miniature,” in Snaefellsnes Peninsula in West Iceland.

The land is famous for its volcanic peaks, cliffs, and black sand beaches. But this is not the end. Hike up the majestic Snaefellsjokull Glacier; also cheer a toast by watching the fantastic whale shows from Oladsvik.

Discover the mystical beauty of the gorgeous Snaefellsnes by rental car and head north on Road 1 (the Ring Road) from Reykjavík.

Iceland Adventure Travel Tips

With so many things to see and do in Iceland, here’s our top tips for all travelers:

  • Book well in advance: Iceland is a notoriously expensive country to engage in fun activities to do in Iceland. Get the best deals by buying the tickets, hotel booking, or any other activity booking in advance.
  • For a customized itinerary, visit Reykjavik only: The capital of Reykjavik is a lovely place for unique experiences in Iceland within a few days as it incorporates various activities to do within a few days.
  • Plan before you travel: It is better to plan which part to travel to Iceland in short days. Reykjavik is an organized city in Iceland, full of recreational offerings, and should be visited first.


Iceland is a mystical country that ranks higher on the bucket list of making an immediate Iceland adventure itinerary, where predicting nature’s mood is still difficult, but it showers in abundance whatever it controls in Iceland.


Should I visit Iceland in summer or winter?

If your urge to see the dancing Northern lights in the white landscape is not yet fulfilled, visit Iceland in winter; it is always ideal.

Experiencing the aurora borealis in winter is an exceptional phenomenon because the darker sky more clearly shines for you; it is also part of winter activities in Iceland.

Those seeking more daylight can opt to visit Iceland during the summer.

Is Iceland a romantic trip?

Iceland is a perfect honeymoon location, considering its magical Northern lights, tempting landscape, dreamy green fields, other natural treasures, and exciting things to do in Iceland.

It’s one of those places where you feel bewildered and overwhelmed by the solitaire.

What part of Iceland is best to stay in?

The two best settlements around Iceland are the northern parts named Isafjordur, Westfjords, and Patreksfjordur in the southern region and popular for best Iceland activities.

Can you stay in Reykjavík and see all of Iceland?

As Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and considered one of the largest cities, it is ideal for visitors to make it a starting point for summer activities in Iceland.

With a 5-day itinerary in Iceland, it is ideal for basing yourself in Reykjavík by excursions to Golden Circle and other nearby attractions.

Do you need a visa to go to Iceland?

Iceland is a wild venture to the Schengen Agreement that enables US citizens to enter the nomad’s island without a visa and stay there for up to 90 days for travel or business purposes.

An Iceland Schengen Visa may take a processing period of 15 days or more than 60 days in extreme circumstances.

Apply for your visa six months before you are ready to step into the extravagant journey.

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