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Discover the Thrill: 7 Exclusive Mountain Bike Trails in Iceland

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“Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be.”

This song’s lyrics felt apt when mountain biking in Iceland. Whoa is the word that interestingly depicts the beauty of this Nordic country. Well, this picturesque image will clear your doubts.

Pedaling through paradise is seemingly enjoyable for MTB rides in the country. From hot springs to vast landscapes and gravel beauty, Iceland has much to offer.
Chase volcanoes and large mountain trails when biking through these most popular mountain biking trails in Iceland.

Top 7 Most Beautiful MTB Trails in Iceland

⦁ Brekkan Loop: An Easy Yet Mesmerizing Trail from Vatnsendi

Catch up with your first hiking and biking adventure at this easy mountain bike ride trail. Brekkan Loop will set you thinking about the land you have entered into. Beauty-perfect and skill-perfect trail for bikers to enjoy.

Your fitness level can be mediocre or highly built, this trail does not call for Hulk-like energy mates. You may need to push your bike at a few places because of the gravel and unpaved route.

  • Trail Distance: 11.9 miles
  • Travel Time: 1 hour 38 minutes
  • Height: 550 ft
  • Speed: 7.3mph

Fagradalsfjall Volcano Route: Bike With the Wind While Bird Watching and Adoring Wildflowers

This Route C moderately challenging trail is located at Grindavik in the Southern Peninsula of Iceland. It is a popular trail for sightseeing taking images of rare birds, and if you are into flowers, some wildflowers will race to smile on your face.

From July to August, this is the best time to explore the serenity of this mountain bike route. Your pooch isn’t allowed on this trail, so please BEWARE.

  • Trail Distance: 6.1miles
  • Travel Time: 3 hours 34 minutes
  • Height: 1,729 ft.
  • Speed: 2.4 mph

Hengill: Vörðuskeggi Trail: Magnificent and Difficult Yet Refreshing Tour

Are you up for some adrenaline rush? This good gravel track tour of up to 3 km will make you realize that. It will be your warm-up session. The real rough track yet scenic views start after 3km of biking.

This long-distance trail route has a steep and rough climb where you must carry your bike for 320m. Now, you need the Avengers’ energy, so the first stop to refresh must be your go-to plan. However, the spectacular views of Hekla, Eyjafjallajökull, and Langjökull to the north will make you forget your pain.

  • Trail Distance: 12.11miles
  • Travel Time: 4 hours 26 minutes
  • Height: 2,631 ft.

Pass Richtung Savoger: Stunning Views Yet Expert Driving Skills Required

Wear your advanced riding skills hat while at Pass Richtung Savoger trail. It is one of the strenuous mountain bike routes, which requires years of advanced skills in biking in the mountains. Your fitness level must be high.

The loop runs from Pingeyri to Svalvogur. The starting point until Pingeyri is accessible by bus or car. An unpaved road of 0.68 miles each way requires you to lift and climb your bike. Start with your protein shakes now!

  • Trail Distance: 35.3 miles
  • Travel Time: 5 hours 28 minutes
  • Height: 3,725 ft.
  • Speed: 6.4 mph

Reykjavik Mountain Trail: Scenic Lava Fields to Traverse Natural Geysers on Your Biggest Biking Trail

The capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik, lets the bikers superbly explore the natural beauty of trails. Mountain biking in Reykjavík is easy to moderately difficult because of the dormant volcanoes and unpaved roads having gravel spread at a few points.

From beginners to experts, there is something for everyone, as in the gaming casinos. You can cover almost 99 nearby trails in Reykjavik, depending on your biking experience. Try ski-touring and snowmobiling if you are up for daring adventure activities in Iceland.

  • Trail Distance: 96.93 miles
  • Travel Time: 6 days
  • Height: 2,539 ft.
  • Speed: Varies from trial difficulty levels

Marardalur: Your Technical Knowledge And Daring Senses are a Must Here!

Hiking and biking are a must for this route because you have to cross the nearby famous mountain range based in Nesjavellir.

Your difficulty level will increase with every loop, but the excitement levels will increase even higher. Riding the gripping mountain view on the top and the sandstone is fun.

You must follow the single-track route up north and back when biking on this trail. You can park your car on a road near Nesjavellir.

  • Trail Distance: 8.29 miles
  • Travel Time: 2 hours 13 minutes
  • Height: 1,556 ft.
  • Speed: Not mentioned

Landmannalaugar: Uniqueness and Adventure Overloaded

As named the ‘adventure oasis’, this is one of the best mountain biking trails, located 180km east of the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik.

This Southern Highland region is famous for its hot springs, difficult terrains, and colorful rhyolite mountains witnessed in shades of pink, red, gold, green, and blue. Push off your limits is the best slogan for every biker when you hop onto the trails here.

The Laugavegur Trail is located north of the Landmannalaugar mountain bike trail. There are quick pitstops for bikers to take a rest.

  • Trail Distance: 10.34 miles
  • Travel Time: 23 hours 45 minutes
  • Height: 3,423 ft.
  • Speed: Vary according to difficulty levels

Bike On The Best Mountain Bike Trails In Iceland!

Petta Reddast!

The slogan fits best when mountain biking and hiking in Iceland. It means, “It will all work out okay”.

It has become the official phrase among Icelanders and now bikers visiting this Nordic country for biking fun on trails. From intermediate mountain bike rides to difficult mountain bike rides, Iceland offers the best trails in the world with scenic views.

For your next vacation, consider biking around the long stretches of Iceland.


Is Iceland Bike Friendly?

The MTB rides are allowed on almost every trail near the Icelandic capital. You can choose to go ahead with the easy trails; as you experience, difficult trails are available. Moreover, the capital city Reykjavik allows city bike rides too. Many tourist companies organize bike tours.

How many Days do You Bike around Iceland?

From Ring Road in the country to other mountain regions, it can take a few hours to two weeks to cycle around. The capital city tour on a bike takes almost one day.

A few rough roads may be soul-sucking struggles, and a few are the best city roads to zoom around.

How much does a Bike Tour Cost in Iceland?

Each year, you may find 10+ biking tours organized in this Nordic country. The biking tours may range from three hours maximum to six long days through the difficult mountain trails.

The cost can go from $50 to $1,000 and above, according to the type of trail or road.

What not to do on a Mountain Bike?

When you are going mountain biking, do not go beyond the average stated speed. You can always slow down on a mountain trail but never rush.

Apart from this, never ride without a helmet, stand in the middle of the trail to break the journey of others, push uphill on a bike, do excessive skidding, etc.

Do You Need a Mountain Bike for Trails?

If you want to ride through rough terrains and single-track trails, you need an expert mountain bike with proper gear. A trail bike will be superb to get for mountain trail biking exclusively.

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