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Top 9 Snorkeling Spots In The Mediterranean: Fuel Your Wanderlust

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“Experience a slow getaway with the turquoise blue sea and jaw-dropping marine life in the Mediterranean.”

The long stretches of Mediterranean land run from Asia, Africa, and Europe. The splendid grandeur of the seas, the natural scenic view with coastline beaches, and the deep stretches of the ocean have a story to tell. You can explore the hidden marine world through snorkeling or diving.

Explore the world beneath the waves by visiting these favorite snorkeling spots in the Mediterranean.

Most Favorite 9 Snorkeling Spots in the Mediterranean

Port Cros, France: Immerse in Undying Beauty

This South France’s most famous snorkeling destination offers two of the best snorkeling spots: Plage de la Palud and Anse de la Fausse Monnaie. You can reach Port Cros National Park by ferry from Saint-Pierre Marina, Hyeres. Fishing has been banned for the past 60 years so snorkelers can enjoy sea creatures like amberjack, dusky groupers, dentex, brown meager, etc.

Tourists have to pay a round-trip to Port Cros of €29. There is a 40-minute walk to Plage de la Palud and Anse de la Fausse Monnaie. September is a good month to go for snorkeling and summer.

Maddalena, Sardinia: Be Instagram-Worthy with Pink Iconic Beach

Be ready for some sassy poses at this Instagram-worthy pink beach near the Maddalena Archipelago National Park near Sardinia. It has shallow waters right on the northern coast that are fit for snorkeling. In the clear, warm waters, you can explore marine wildlife, such as brown groupers like Nacchera, octopus, scorpion fishes, eels, etc.

Cala Brigantina is the best snorkeling spot where you can snorkel for €89 during the summers. You can reach La Maddalena by boat from the Port of Palau. You can reach Palau town from Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport in Italy.

Blue Hole, Malta: Enjoy Spectacular Underwater Escapades

Experience the rocky stint at the Blue Hole Coral Garden in Gozo. Blue Hole is one of the best snorkeling destinations in the Malta Islands. It has a multi-level rocky seabed with a serene coral garden where you can dive with sargo, damselfish, Mediterranean Jellyfish, grey mullets, etc.

Get to Blue Hole Gozo in Malta by driving your car to Dwejra Inland Sea, and reach the public parking to visit the seawater. The bus line 311 from Victoria also stops here. The wet suit is required to go snorkeling during October and November. You can experience snorkeling and sightseeing on the rocky plateaus for €44.

Ustica, Italy: Get Ready for a Vacay-Mood and Best Snorkeling

Enjoy an underwater escape with fewer tourists and more peace at one of the best snorkeling spots in the Mediterranean, Ustica in Sicily, Italy. You can go snorkeling all the year round. Summer and autumn breaks can be enjoyed here, exploring mesmerizing sea creatures like amberjacks, lobsters, tuna, Posidonia oceanica, barracudas, etc.

With fewer tourists and limited snorkeling activities, Ustica is unspoiled, and one can enjoy nature in harmony. Ustica is an island located on the coast of Sicily, and the nearest airport to reach it is Palermo. The hydrofoil and ferry are available from Ustica. You have to spend $55 to snorkel at Ustica Island.

Cape Greco, Cyprus: Snorkel with Green Sea Turtles

Dive deep into love with the amazing beaches and blue waters at the Island of Love at Cape Greco in Cyprus. The clear sea and unwavering tides are a sight when you plan to snorkel on this island. You can explore underwater depth with damselfish, red sea goatfish, yellow-spotted puffer, wrasse, green turtle, loggerheads, etc.

Scuba diving alongside snorkeling is practiced here during the summer months. Aiya Napa, the underwater museum, is another attraction for snorkelers and divers at Cape Greco. Larnaca Airport is the closest to this place; one can reach it by car and bus. The best price starts at $21.

Crete in Greece: Dive into the Sparkling Azure Blue Waters

Crete is the largest Greek Island and 5th largest in the Mediterranean Sea. Located between the Libyan Sea and the Crete Sea, it is one of the best places to visit in Greece. There are ferry connections to the mainland of Greece from where you can reach Crete, near the South of Peloponnese. Port of Athens is the major connection from where tourists can take the ferry to Crete.

The rocky caves and the sandy bays make Crete the best fit for snorkeling alongside reefs, sunken ancient cities, beautiful rocky caves, etc.

You can explore marine life here: sea horses, crabs, eels, jellyfish, etc. The snorkeling near shallow water reefs and stone arches are ideal for beginners. The snorkeling price starts at €65 per person. You can snorkel here all the year round.

Sa Dragonera, Mallorca in Spain: Paradise Unleashed as You Ride Underwater

Get set for real underwater action at Sa Dragonera at Mallorca in Spain, which you can reach by sailing from Palma de Mallorca. You can easily sail here by boat, what the tourists call the diving paradise, as you can team up with fish like monkfish, bream, and barracuda.

Raise your adrenaline rush while you explore different types of big lizards on the surface from whom the island’s name is inspired. The snorkeling experience starts at €39. Warm weather is best to snorkel here in Mallorca. You can try water sports like sailing, flyboarding, motor boating, etc.

Tabarka, Tunisia: Enjoy the Best Snorkeling Sport

Tabarka in Tunisia, with a vast coastline, is a diving heaven and is a three-hour drive from Tunisia, as it has one airport for domestic flights. You can take a cab or drive your car to this island.

Wear your adventure suits to reach the sea depths while snorkeling with seabreams, moray eels, starfish, scorpion fish, etc. You can experience adventurous sports like hiking along the coastline, freestyle swimming, water sports, windsurfing, motorbiking, etc. Maloula Beach on the west coast of Tabarka, is also best for snorkeling, especially in the summer months. Pricing to snorkel here is $100.

Lavezzi Island, Corsica: Taking Your Snorkeling to the Next Level!

This island is located in the South of France and is one of the best snorkeling destinations in the Mediterranean. The turquoise sea, polished shiny rocks, and white sand make the best combination for snorkeling. Lavezzi Island has a stunning underwater reserve where people can snorkel with beautiful wrasse and big gilt-head breams.

You can snorkel at Lavezzi during the summer. The tour operators provide the boat, refreshing drinks, meals on board the boat, and sea bathing starting from €60 per person.

Cala Achiarina is the best marine reserve here for snorkeling, preserving marine life for the last 40 years.

Awake Your Inner Adventurous Spirit with Snorkeling in the Mediterranean!

The lush blue water and the beautiful lagoons and coastline are sights to see when snorkeling in the Mediterranean Sea. From diving to snorkeling to other water sports, you can experience anything in these beautiful countries. Try the vibrant culture, best food and drinks, and holistic lifestyle when visiting the Mediterranean land.


Are there any coral reefs in the Mediterranean?

The Mediterranean region no longer shelters the coral reefs that have been here at the ocean’s depth 60 million years ago. Oceanographic and climatic changes are the biggest contributing factors. However, the coral garden in the Blue Hole on Gozo Island gave the tourists relief and a glimpse of the corals in the Mediterranean.

What are the four steps to snorkeling?

  • Prepare Your Equipment: You will need a mask, fins, and a snorkel. A diving mask is important to cover your eyes and nose to let you carefully explore the deep waters. A snorkel is a cylindrical tube that helps you breathe underwater. Fins help the diver swim more easily than barefoot.
  • Putting Your Face In The Water: Stand in the deep, chest water. Dip your mask underwater to let it reach your hairline and ear lobe. Open your eyes now, breathe, and relax.
  • Float and Breath: You must keep the natural buoyance of your body, let it float, and do not touch the bottom. Do breathe while floating by stretching your hands and legs beneath the water.
  • Go for a Swim: Try to move forward while your face is in the water. Kick your feet at a time while in water. Stay horizontally, but keep kicking while on the water’s surface.

How do you control breathing while snorkeling?

Always check that your snorkel is attached firmly, and then breathe deeply and slowly while your head is underwater. Clear your snorkel and breathe around water to prevent bubbles from forming.

What do I need to know before snorkeling?

Find the perfect mask and always defog it with the prescribed gel. Get the excess water out of your mask to continue breathing underwater. Focus on your breathing while practicing snorkeling, which will help you in the ocean depths.

What is special about snorkeling?

Exploring the enchanting marine life to get humble in a natural setting is what snorkeling teaches us. Moreover, it’s a recreational activity that lets you feel an adrenaline rush while admiring the underwater life. There is no need for complicated equipment too.

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